Prize Distribution And House Examination

College Roll of Honour and College Color Rules
  1. Students getting distinction in academic, sports or cultural activities will be awarded Roll of Honour /College Color.
  2. Students obtaining Roll of Honour will have their name registered in the Roll of Honour book.
  3. The names of eligible students will  be recommended by the professor in-charge of these activities.
  4. Concerned certificates as proof should be submitted by 15 Feb of the current academic year.
  5. The submitted list will be scrutinized by the concerned committee and the final permission will be granted by the principal and the college council.
  6. The concerned student must  bear a good character. A student indulging in any activity of indiscipline, will deem himself/herself unfit for the award and this award will be withdrawn.
  7. Students repeating a class or having less than 35% marks in each subject, will not be eligible for these awards.
Roll of Honour.
On the basis of university Examinations.
  • Academic Roll of Honour is awarded to those students who have attained any of the first seven positions in the university B.A. Examinations, any of the first five positions in the university M.A., B.Com, B.B.A., B.C.A. & B.Sc. Examinations, however the students must have a minimum of 60% marks in aggregate.
  • In B.Sc.(Economics) and B.Sc.(Biotech.) only the student attaining first position will be eligible for the honour
One the basis of distinction in sports activities.
  • Any sports person/team member who has represented India at the international level.
  • Any sports person who has attained first, second or third position in inter university or at the national level and first or second position as team member.
  • A sports person who has established a new record at the university level or state senior championship.
  • Captain of state (senior) or university team, provided he has taken part in competitions from college.
Note:- Only those competitions will be taken into consideration which are approved by Punjabi University, inter university or Punjab Govt.
On the basis of cultural Activities
  • The student who has individually or at team level attained first, second or third position in international level.
  • First, second or third position at the national level as team member or individually
  • A student who has represented India at the international level.
  • A student achieving 2 gold medals at the university level.
 On the basis of N.C.C.
  • The cadet selected for participation in Republic day parade at Delhi
On the Basis of N.S.S.
  • The volunteer getting first, second or third position at the university, state or national level or
  • The volunteer selected for or participation in the Republic Day parade at Delhi  or
  •  Has attained a  'C' certificate
 The best student declared in college.
  • A final year student who has attained college color on the basis of figuring in the university merit list and has attained a minimum of 2 college colors in other co-curricular activities. ?
College Color:

 1.      Academic: All the students figuring in the university examination merit list will be given college color.
 2.      Sports:
  • A player who has represented state/ university at national level as individual/team member.
  • A player who has won first or second or third position in individual capacity/stood first or second as team member at university or state level.
  • The best athlete (Boy and Girls) will be given college color. 
  • Note: While deciding the prizes for sports, priority will be given to senior students.
 3.      Cultural activities:-
  • A students who has won three trophies and at least one first prize in inter college contests.Inter College contests, a student who has stood first in three/first in two and second in one and third in one/first in one and second in three contests. Thus every student winning a points according to the following scale will be given college colour.    Each Trophy : 2 points, First prize 3 points; second prize; 2 points    Third or couslation prize: 1 Point.
  • In Zonal Youth festival students getting first position in individual event /50% members of the team standing first/ 25% members of the team standing second.
  • In Inter Zonal Youth Festival, Students first or second position individually/all the members of the team standing first/50% members of the team standing second.
 4.      N.C.C
  • The Cadet must have got B or C certificate and must have got first or second position in any contest in combined yearly training camp or annual training Camp must be declared the best cadet at college or battalion level in army attachment camp or some other national camp.
  • The best cadet NCC unit
  • In Inter Groups activities, a cadet having special achievements like best shoter and best cadet
  • If no student qualifies for college colour on the basis of above rules then the best cadet ( Boy and Girl) of the college will be awarded college colour.
 5.      NSS
  • Any Volunteer declared best camper in a camp organized by Punjabi University or Punjab Govt./has special achievement I some international Programme will be given college colour. Following conditions. Are mandatory for awarding college colour.
  • Must have been appreciable member of NSS and donated blood twice/taught in adult literacy centre twice for three months each.
  • Must have attended at least three seven-day camps at college or university level.
  • Should have received B certificate.
  • If on the basis of above rules, no volunteer qualifies for college color then one best Boy and Girl Volunteer will be awarded college color.
 6.      Punjab Youth Services (Youth Club)  
  • Any Volunteer declared the best camper in a camp organized by Director, Youth Services, Punjab or has participated in a programme at international level will be awarded college colour.
 7.      Red Cross
  • All the members of the team standing first in state level contest.
  • Scouts getting first or second position individual in state level contests.
Merit Certificate  
  • In cultural activities, a student will be given merit certificate if he/she has got at least five points according to the following scale: Every trophy 2 points, first prize, 3 points, Second prize 2 points, third or consolation prize 1 point.
  • Those team members whose teams stood first or second but were not given college colour.
  • Student standing first in contests held by other institutions but he/she must have been permitted by the college
  • Team members whose team stood second in inter zonal festival but were not given college colour.
  • Students standing third or fourth in inter-zonal festival.
  • Cadets with special achievements in NCC will be given merit certificates.
Note:- If a student misbehaves or refuses to participate in university contests without any solid reason, he/she will not be given due roll of honour/ College Colour/ Merit Certificate.
              Special Prize for students getting positions in university exam.

  • By Prof. Manju Mehta in memory of her father Late Sh. Sardara Singh Mehta ; Two prizes for students standing first in B.Sc.-III(Med) and B.Sc.-III(Non-Med).
  • By Er. Shammi Singla, Xen,  in memory of his parents Sh. Modan Lal Singla and Smt. Satya Devi ;      Two prizes for students standing first in B.A III and B.Com III
  • By Prof. Dr. Gurjit Singh Maan in the memory of Shri Joginder Singh Sarpanch:  to be given to a student  standing first in philosophy in B.A III
  • By Former principal Sh. B.D. Sharma f/o Prof. Surjit Singh(Physical Edu.) ; One boy and one girl of final year class for his her commendable achievements in sports, Studies and other activities.
 Note:      If any person or individual wants to give any special prize, the name should be given by January 2015. Prize amount should not be less than Rs. 1000/-;
              Awards Based on House Examinations:
  • Prizes will be awarded to students getting first and second position in aggregate and in different subjects.
  • The students must pass in all subjects and should have minimum of 60% marks in total or in the concerned subject.
  • The concerned class must have minimum of 10 students.
  • If the students eligible for the first or second award have failed in any subject, then the award will be given to the next eligible student.
  • In case of a tie in award,  the student having more marks in aggregate will be eligible
  • The award will not be given to students having shortage in attendance of lectures.
  • There should not be any complaint of misconduct against the student.

Rules regarding House Examinations:
  • In each academic session two unit tests will be conducted in each semester. Students will be allowed to sit for the university Examination on the basis of their performance in these tests.
  • Students will be allowed to sit for the University Annual Examination only if they clear the conditions laid down for House Examination which is minimum score of 33% marks in aggregate or minimum score of 25% Marks in all individual subjects.
  • Leave from tests will only be granted on medical grounds on the production of a medical certificate. The sanctioning authority for this leave would be the Principal. However the student will have to fulfill condition of House test at a later date.
  • Students absenting themselves from House Exams, without due permission, will be fined per paper. Any student found copying in House Exams will be sent to the U.M.C committee for suitable action and all college concessions (fee concession, scholarships etc.) will be withdrawn from such defaulter.

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