College Library And "The Rajindra"

College Library
  1. College Library situated in large and airy rooms provides the modern facilities like E- library for reading.
  2.  A Student of every class can get two books at a time.
  3.  If a student loses or spoils a book, he/she will have to deposit the present value of book, in case of loss of one part of a set of books, the price of complete set will have to be final in such case.
  4.  Lending and return of books will be entered in the library card given to students. The students is responsible for getting such immediately inform the librarian to avoid any misuse by any other students.
  5.  The library will be open during college hours.
  6.  Books are issued from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Request for book must be submitted on the prescribed form and the book must be submitted on the prescribed form and the book can be kept maximum for 14 days. If the book is not returned within tow weeks, one rupee per day fine will be charged per book.
  7.  Silence is must in the reading hall of library. Any student creating disturbance in the hall can be imposed fine by the librarian with permission of the principal and his right to use the library can be taken back for some time.
  8. Students should have returned the library books before the university roll numbers are issued to them.
  9. In April, library will be closed for fifteen days for stock verification. All the books must have been returned at that time
  10. Maximum ten students are selected for giving help in the library and they are provide the books according to the syllabus for the whole session. Students can give application for the purpose within 15 days after admission.
  11. The library card will be cancelled after getting no dues from the library. But the students should keep the cancelled card with them as it will be required for getting college magazine, library security and university DMC etc.

    College Magazine; THE RAJINDRA :

    • THE RAJINDRA is the literary magazine of the college
    • Students and staff members get their literacy writings published in Punjabi, Hindi and English.
    • Besides there are science, Commerce, NSS and college Darpan sections in it.
    • The student-editors are selected on the basis of a written test as notified on the notice board.
    • The students should give their articles to the concerned editors in time. 

Student Portal: Admissions and Fee Payments

All new and old students may login/apply to avail student centric services.