Clubs, Associations and Cells

The college has various clubs and students can become member of not more than two of these clubs.
Sr. No. Name of the Club Name of the In-charge Teacher
Nature Club
Prof. Gurjit Kaur
Heallth Club
Prof. Jagjeewan Kaur
Debate Club
Prof. Rainee
Rajindra Youth Club
Prof. Gurjit Singh Mann
Population Club
Prof. Gursharan Kaur Cheema

  • College has a Parent/Teacher Associations(P.T.A.)
  • Parents of all admitted students in our college are its members.
  • A new PTA executive body is elected for every session to run its affairs.
  • P.T.A general body meeting will be held on the last Saturday of the month of August at 1.00 p.m. in the college camps. It is the duty of all the parents of students to attend this General body meeting as the executive members of new PTA executive body will be elected in this meeting.
PTA Executive Committee

Senior Vice President

Vice President


Finance Secretary

Joint Secretary

ROSS (Regd. No. 171/2004)
For the all round development of the college there is Rajindra Old Students Association. This society is registered under No. 171/2004. Any old student/employee/official can become a life member of this association on payment of Rs. 2100 membership fee or Rs.200/- for two year membership and filling the membership form. For more information contact Prof. Makhan Singh, Deptt. of Physics in the college.

Tutorial Group System
  1. Every Student of the college will be included in a tutorial Group. Tutor looks after the all-round development of the student of his group.
  2. No student will be allowed to change his group.
  3. Presence in group meetings which will be held from time to time is must for students. The students who remains absent will be fined.
  4. A student should get his achievements and works noted down in the record of the tutor.
  5. A tutor will keep the record of progress of the students of his group. He will be remarks on his academic report among with his character certificate.

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