Hostel Rules and Regulations

  1. Aplication for hostel facility should be submitted to the hostel supdt. Immediately after admission.
  2. Parents/guardians must come at the time of admission in the hostel.
  3. No guest is allowed to stay in the hostel without prior permission of hostel warden/supdt.
  4. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the hostel. Strict action will be taken against any student indulging in ragging and he will be rusticated from college and hostel.
  5. Use of intoxicants is strictly prohibited in hostel. Any student who uses or allows in his room such products will be immediately debarred from the hostel.
  6. Students who don’t pay hostel fee in time will be fined.
  7. Committee of students run a co-operative mess under the supervision of hostel warden/supdt on no profit no loss basis. It is mandatory of all the hostel students to be its members.
  8. Hostel students will have to obey the rules.
  9. Any type of weapon is strictly prohibited in hostel.
  10. Heater or cloth iron is strictly prohibited in hostel. Defaulter will be fined Rs, 200/- .
  11. One key of every hostel room will stay with warden/supdt, so that lock or door has not to be broken in case the student loses his key.
  12. Misuse of electricity is prohibited.
  13. Visiting time in the hostel is 4.00 pm. To 5.00 pm.
  14. Students going out of hostel will enter their arrival and departure time in the register in hostel office.
  15. Students are not to enter hostel after 8.00 pm. Their roll call will be taken at that time.
  16. Local students and those having home within distance of 16 km. may be refused admission in hostel.
  17. Students indulging in any kind of indiscipline will be debarred from hostel and won’t be allowed admission in hostel even next year.
  18. Hostel fee will be according to the instructions from Punjab Govt. and University

Bus Pass / Railway Pass

Bus Pass Rules:
  • Recommendation for bus pass will be done only from 25th to 30th of every month and the passes will be issued by PRTC on 5th or 7th of next month. No Bus pass will be issued after 7th of every month.
  • Bus pass is issued only for one month, two months or three months. There is no provision of bus pass for lesser days, even in case of already declared vacation.
  • Students will have to get their bus pass renewed in time. The renewal date will stay the same even in case of being late
  • The student does not need bus pass he will have to personally deposit back the bus pass in PRTC office after getting recommended by the principal.
Refrence: - Letter No. 687/ PRTC/ budget Dated 06-01-2009 from managing director, PRTC, Chandigarh received from DPI Colleges, Punjab letter No. 22/32-94 College Edu (3) 288-639 dtd. 16-03-2009 . 
Bus Pass 
S. No. Class Incharge  Assistant
1 M.A.  Prof. Library Restorer 
2 B.A Part –I Prof.
Prof. Gursharan Kaur Cheema (Economics) 
Library Restorer
3 B.A Part –II  Prof.
Library Restorer
4 B.A Part –III   Prof.
Library Restorer
5  B.Sc.( Honours School)   Prof.
Library Restorer
6  Commerce  Prof.
Library Restorer
7 B.Sc. (Non-Medical)

8  B.Sc. (Medical)  Prof. 

9 All HEIS Classes  Prof.

Railway Pass 
1 All Classes Sh. Ramdar Singh Superintendent 

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